Inventory Instructions

Please review room inventory data to confirm details on office occupant, occupant department, and occupant title.

Update column:

Utilize the “update” column to indicate a change in occupant, department, or title. 

For offices that show as “vacant”:

  1. If occupied, please note occupant name, title, and department in the update column.
  2. If not occupied due to employee resignation, and position will be refilled, please note “pending hire”, title and department in the update column.
  3. If vacant, no action is necessary.

If a room is shown as an office that is not an office, use the update column to correct the room description.  (For example, the room is a conference room, not an office.)

If there are multiple occupants in an office, and all occupants are not included in the inventory, please list the additional office occupants in the update column.  (For example, two occupants use the same office during the same hours.)

If the office is shared and all occupants are not shown,  please list the sharing occupants in the update column, and note that the office is shared.  (For example, a faculty office used by one faculty on Monday, Wednesday, and other faculty on Tuesday, Thursday.)

If an office is missing from the data, please use the “Additions” tab to add details about the missing data.  

Part-Time column:

Please check this column for any part-time staff.