What is the Chairs & Directors Assembly Top Concerns?

In August 2018, President Whitten launched a "Top Concerns" taskforce of the Chairs & Directors Assembly (CDA). This group will rotate members every three months and is charged with identifying, and working to solve, the "top concerns" of the CDAs.  The goal of the group will be to increase communication and reduce challenges experienced by Chairs and Directors.

The group moves through three phases of a project.

Ideation - The group typically takes about one month to discuss current topics and narrow down their areas of concern to their Top 10.

Discovery - Once the Top 10 list is established the project manager schedules meetings with the area experts for each of the top 10 areas.  During these meetings the CDA representative explains why the topic made the top 10 and the specific pain points.  Through this discussion it is determined if existing efforts are already underway that will satisfy the pain point or if a project needs to be developed regarding the topic.

Implementation - There are two possible outcomes in this stage of the process. 1)If the group determines that efforts are already underway then a communication plan is put in place to ensure the appropriate stakeholders, including the CDAs, are informed of the efforts.  2)If the group determines that a new project is needed, a project brief is developed and presented to the cabinet for approval.

If a new project is approved, a project charter will be developed, establishing a project timeline, and a project team will be assembled.