Assessment Plans & Improvement Reports

Assessment Plans

Each reporting unit must develop and maintain an assessment plan.  At a minimum, an approved assessment plan includes:

  • Identification of an assessment contact who leads development, implementation, and report completion for their unit.  Please email changes in assessment contacts to
  • Clearly stated student learning outcomes or performance outcomes and their relation to the KSU mission and strategic plan.
  • Two measures for each outcome, indicating how the data will be collected.  Measures may be quantitative or qualitative.

Improvement Reports

Each fall, units will provide a report of assessment activity for the previous academic or fiscal year.  Depending on the unit’s cohort and the cohort schedule (see Cohort Lists & Schedules), the assessment report may include:

  • Summary of analyses for each measure.  Results are reported annually.
  • Interpretations of analyses and trends related to the outcome.
  • Improvements observed and verified with multiple years of data.
  • Specific strategy for improvements selected for implementation during the next three-year assessment cycle.  Strategies should focus on improving performance or student learning.

Online Templates & Examples

The Improve KSU online system serves as a “central repository” for documentation of assessment and continuous improvement activities.  The templates below list the fields included in the online assessment plan and report.  The example reports may assist you as you complete the report for your own unit.  Templates and example reports are organized by type of reporting unit.  The Quick-Start User Guide provides instructions for utilizing the online system.

Educational Units

Administrative, Operational, & Student Affairs Units