Cohort Lists & Schedules

Reporting of assessment and continuous improvement activities follows a three-year cycle, while still maintaining an annual reporting of results.  Each unit has been placed into a cohort that will follow a three-year cycle in a staggered fashion.  See the Cohort List for your unit’s cohort.

A summary of assessment Results for the previous year is reported each fall.  However, to foster a strategic perspective in your continuous improvement efforts and allow time for improvements to be observed, the reporting of Interpretations and Trends / Strategies for Improvement takes place every three years.

The Cohort Schedules listed below show the staggered, cyclical pattern of reporting.  In the online system, you will only see the reporting elements that are required for your unit in a given year.

College Cohorts

The Cohort Lists below contain the cohort placement for all educational programs, departments, and centers within a college. For larger colleges, the units within the college are divided into groups and those groups are assigned to a cohort. The Cohort Schedule applies to all colleges.

Administrative, Operational, & Student Affairs Cohorts

The document below contains the cohort placement for administrative, operational, and student affairs units. It also contains the reporting schedule for these cohorts.