University Assessment Council Membership

University Assessment Council membership consists of the Assessment Team members from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, one representative from each college selected by the college's dean, and additional invited representatives from all other areas of the university.

To view a list of all representatives for each academic year, click the desired year below.

    • Name
    • Hope Baker
      Coles College of Business
    • Kathryn Bedette
      College of Architecture and Construction Management
    • Danielle Buehrer
    • Donna DeGrendel
    • Mike Dishman
      Graduate College
    • Zuhair El-Itr
      Department of Construction Management
    • Dominique Foster
      Office of Institutional Research
    • Leigh Funk
      Bagwell College of Education
    • Scott Gordon
      WellStar College of Health and Human Services
    • Stephan Gray
      Campus Services
    • Lisa Hardt
    • Sarah Holliday
      General Education Council
    • Matt Khoury
      Student Affairs
    • Michelle Lee
    • Chien-Pin Li
      College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Harrison Long
      College of the Arts
    • Margaret Lowder
      Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering & Engineering Technology
    • Michael Luther
      University Library
    • Laurie McDowell
      Office of Diversity and Inclusion
    • Julie Page
      Strategic Initiatives
    • Jackie Quiroga
      Process Improvement
    • Scott Reese
      College of Science and Mathematics
    • Becky Rutherfoord
      College of Computing and Software Engineering
    • Lynn Stallings
      Honors College
    • Lori Trahan
      Student Affairs
    • Nirmal Trivedi
      University College
    • Jen Wells
    • Chris Ziegler
      Institutional Review Board