Institutional Accreditation includes:

  • Ensuring timely submission of accreditation compliance reports to SACSCOC;
  • Ensuring that compliance with accreditation requirements is incorporated into the planning, assessment and evaluation processes of the institution;
  • Notifying SACSCOC of substantive changes and program developments in accord with the substantive change policies of the Commission;
  • Educating faculty, staff, and students with the Commission's accrediting policies and procedures, and with particular sections of the accrediting standards and Commission policies that have application to certain aspects of the campus (e.g., library, continuing education) especially when such documents are adopted or revised;
  • Serving as a contact for campus community on SACSCOC related issues. This includes encouraging institutional staff to route routine inquiries about the Principles of Accreditation and accreditation policies and processes through the Accreditation Liaison;
  • Coordinating preparation of the annual Financial and Institutional Profiles.

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